Hello Ines, who are you and where are you from? Tell us a bit about yourself and your work?

I paint and sculpt with whatever I have on hand. All the stuff around me that I observe and have fun with is a pretext to invent new shapes and to transcend domestic life.

When I arrived in Paris, some ten years ago, my ultimate goal was to work in an auction house. Even though I had some great encounters, my professional experiences were often fiascos, I was out of step particularly due to the fact that I was tired from deejaying most of the time.
After my master’s degree, I decided to devote myself exclusively to music while traveling a lot.
Then little by little I felt the need to make things with my hands again, to craft objects and started to paint again.

Today I continue to do playlists and deejaying while doing paintings and sculptures at home.

Which adjectives, words, and colors best describe your style and work?

I love to paint abstract shapes, with folded colors, inspired by real or made up landscapes.

I love making sculptures with everyday objects, a bit like a child having fun with whatever is on hand, and without critical judgement or experience…

I love the idea that it could be as simple as baking a pie and also as fun to look at as it is to make.

You have a very eclectic side, a jack of all trades, and you seem to constantly renew your work.
Your approach to art is very spontaneous and fresh.
What is the project you have worked on so far that resembles you the most and why?

I make sure to choose projects that resemble me or at least if they don’t look like me on paper, then to appropriate them to me so that they become it.

It’s difficult to retain just one project in the sense that I always try to engage with the same passion in what I create, without any style hierarchy.

Which artists do you respect and who inspire you? And which one would you choose for a dream collaboration?

It’s a very difficult question that comes up often I’ve noticed… we ask an artist for their influences… the real delicate question would be instead what does not influence you…

For example: mosquito repellent… it’s a thing I dislike and that I don’t feel inspired by at all…
My work is inspired by my life, my readings, music I listen to, my current obsessions…

Nicolas de Staël, Blaise Cendrars, Swann in love, Venus figurines, George Perec, Fernando Arrabal, UFO, Integratron, Agafay landscapes, 80’s Japanese music, Man ray, smoked fish, flowers, Clouzot, Japanese ceramics, mosquito nets, knives, Italian coffee makers, Calder, Richard Tuttle, Shiro Kuramata… sounds produced by household objects.. like the microwave or the toaster.

I would love to exchange with Miranda July.

Fashion and art are two parallel disciplines. Could you, like other artists have done, collaborate in this sector? If it hasn’t already be done?
Does fashion have an influence on your work and creativity? Does a particular style or era inspire?

Yes of course, that’s a question I think about. I think all mediums are interesting to explore…

I am very sensitive to materials, fabrics, cuts… more than to fashion in general…

I like work clothes, technical garments…

Any wardrobe staples or coveted pieces?

Items I wear the most: Jeans, Timberland, suits, shirts, big fluffy coats… boots…

Which pieces from the MINUIT collection do you prefer and why?

The ‘salmon’ colored suit and black dress with its décolleté… We want to wear it on long summer nights… la dolce vita.

And finally, what does the word MINUIT mean to you?

It reminds me of a deceptively silent moment, nature that we hear again… The moment in which we listen…