Hello Langley, Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Langley Fox, I grew up between Ketchum, Idaho and Los Angeles.

How would you describe your style?

What are you comfort pieces or the clothes that follow you everywhere?

I couldn’t say that I fit into one category or another.
I love vintage clothes, nothing fancy, just classic denim, a good teeshirt or sweater, workmen’s wear, and I adore a good suit.

Vintage is always just about finding that one something special and I like the idea that it’s already had a life before it comes into my possession.

I mostly live in my wrangler jeans and a wife beater with my steal toe boots, often accompanied by a baseball hat. Although, that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good excuse to get dressed up into something special.

What are your favorite pieces in your wardrobe?

I recently just got a stunning silk red suit with hints of cowboy detailing made by Juju Sorelli that I’m obsessed with.

I also couldn’t live without my vintage boots or this patched up vintage sailors jacket I got at the Rosebowl flea market a few years ago

How did your career as a model started?

My modeling started with an email requesting me for a Sophia Coppola fashion commercial and from there I reckoned I should look into an agency.
It wasn’t really something I ever intended for myself to take on.

Being a model and an artist is like being part of two different worlds.
How do you balance your two careers?

I haven’t gone your typical route in terms of modeling in the sense where I’ve never let it be number one, that position is for my art.

So if things are cool and presented to me easily I love to take part in them but the rest of the time I’m either drawing or, more recently, painting.

I think they are a nice balancing act because most of the time I’m locked up in solitude creating things and it forces me out of my comfort zone and I get to meet people I would have never been able to, reminds me how to be social, and allows me to be on

What pushed you to become an artist and how did you become one?

I went to art college but for fashion design which I was pursuing until I realized I liked to be on my own exploring my imagination instead of having to check in with others on a constant basis.

Thus, I just started drawing all the time and began getting commis- sioned work from then on.

Your work shows the duality between beauty and darkness. Could you tell us why? How would you describe your art?

I always find the most beautiful songs are the scores from movies. These composers create melodies to guide your mood from scene to scene.

It often begins slow and builds itself up, it ignites memories in your minds eye that sometimes sting your heart, it is a pain that hurts but you’ll willingly listen to it over and over again because its so moving.

I want my art to have that essence in it, to be beautiful but come from something emotional.

The world is filled with sadness and my goal is to transform that sadness into something memorable and substantial.

Who are the artists that inspires you?
If you could keep only one piece of their works, what would it be?

I find myself drawn to photojournalism photographers from the 50s, 60s, and 70s for inspiration.
My favorites are Vivian Maier, William Gedney, and Walker Evans.

On another note, I also love Egon Schiele, Andrew Wyeth, and Frida Kahlo.
There’s a drawing of hands by Schiele, it’s very simple but beautiful. I love his slightly sharp, slender and obscure depiction of things

Thus, I just started drawing all the time and began getting commissioned work from then on.

Finally, what does the word MINUIT means to you?

MINUIT I just read means midnight but before translation felt to resemble effortless.

Photographer : Kava Gorna